Masterclass Jeanette Appleton

06/24/2024 10:00  to   06/29/2024 16:00

Oldeberkoop, Netherlands

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Felt making : Progressing skills and ideas

This course is for those who have previously worked with the tutor and wish to extend their textile practise by group mentoring and individual tutorials, exploring the fragile and subtleties of nature in the felt structure. 

New approaches to current work will develop through initial paper and textile exercises, extending personal ideas and working methods. Various materials and techniques will be introduced to consider the subtleties of nature which the tutor covers in her new book Textile Creativity through Nature

Considering the linear marks of plants through mark making both on paper and cloth. Floating and twisting lines of loose or cut threads can resemble patterns of vines and stalks. Thread lines can be submerged into the felt or couched on the surface with cut ends that can seem vulnerable and insecure.

Cutting and repairing using the traditional inlay technique can allude to the destruction of land and its need for protection. Fragility can be expressed by pulling and stretching pre-felts to become thin and distorted, creating open 3D forms. 

Attaching polluting objects such as pieces of plastic or fishing line from the beach can be included. As with dried natural material such as seed heads from Hydrangea [hortensia], Honesty [Lunaria] and Dandelion [Taraxacum] etc. A few of these items will be available but enjoy finding your own to collect and dry.

Colour mixing will be explored by hand mixing and layering, using hand carders and the drum carder. Considering the proportion and contrasts of seasonal changes in natures growth and disintegration. Exploring the mixes the range of colour tones within the subtle changes of flower or leaf. Delicate coloured forms can be created by thin layers of fibre on silk fabric, to twist and flow like buds and petals.

A design will develop depending on what emerges through the process and in conjunction with other visual references. Students will achieve an understanding of their progression so far and where to move forward in the making, display or promotion of their work. Guidance and encouragement will be given with individual tutorials though out the course.

Deze masterclass met Jeanette Appleton is inclusief een heerlijk lunch van onze lunchkok Paco Ortega.
Ook inclusief een aantal bijzondere materialen.
De voertaal is engels maar er is altijd hulp als je die taal wat minder goed beheerst.
Een masterclass voor iedereen die graag vilt maar vilten ook wat zwaar vindt want de werkwijze van Jeanette is juist niet zwaar.

Afgelopen jaar kwam er een prachtig boek van Jeanette uit ; "Textile Creativity through Nature" , een must voor iedereen die kunstzinnig en eigentijds met vilt bezig wil zijn.
" Take your textiles to the next level – Jeanette Appleton explains how to draw inspiration and creativity from the natural world to create your own unique and thoughtful work in felt."

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