Drawing for textiles

04-04-2019 04:00  tot   06-04-2019 10:30

Oldeberkoop, Nederland

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Drawing for textiles (4+5+6 april)
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Beide masterclasses van Dionne Swift (4-8 april)
Inschrijven kan tot: 14-03-2019
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Learn to draw in a purposeful way, one that will actually support and enhance your tactile discoveries

Develop your drawing style and most importantly your ‘perception’ of drawing. I often hear the words ‘I can’t draw’ – but are you drawing in a way that will help & support your tactile work?  This workshop will ‘free up’ your drawing style; help you kick start a new project or inject some much needed energy into your practice; but most importantly it offers you exciting opportunities to translate your drawn marks into stitch and cloth.

Its practical, fast paced and not for the feint hearted: have a good breakfast and an early night in bed!!!Explore large scale expressive drawing techniques and exercises, you’ll learn how to see with fresh eyes. Don’t panic over the ‘D’ word!  Drawing is not a dirty word & you don’t need to feel like you can draw to take part – my aim is to alter your perception of what a drawing can be and to show you useful ways to draw that will actually help your tactile creations.

Once you have analysed your drawings and understood how to find ‘gems’, you’ll discover how to transform your drawings into textile works with ‘Stitch circuit training!’  Discover a vast array of sewing machine and needle punch techniques to help you further translate your imagery and produce a dictionary of marks as a constant source of reference.- Developing our recently discovered drawn gems the afternoon brings together all the workshop elements as you create a tactile sample inspired by your new mark making methods.  Then finally we will review and evaluate your developments and consider how you will incorporate these new ideas into your current textile practice.

Lesdagen beginnen om 10 uur met koffie en thee en tussen de middag verzorgt Paco een heerlijke lunch. 

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Harm schept de soep opTijdens onze lessen staat de hele dag fruit, water, thee en koffie op tafel. Tussen de middag verzorgen we een uitgebreide lunch met soep, brood, streekproducten en salades.

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Het is erg fijn werken in ons ruime en lichte atelier, alles is er mogelijk en alle gereedschappen zijn voorhanden. Daarbij heeft u het uitgebreide assortiment van onze winkel voor handen.